Monday, June 11, 2012

Today was a long day!  The students were troopers, though.  We met at school around 10:30.  They took an exam so that we can mark their progress over the course of the summer.  Then we played a team-building game outside.  It started to rain, we almost gave up and then the sun came out so we finished.  We ate lunch together in the 'comedor' and we have new cooks this year.  At first, the instructors were disappointed because we liked the ones we had last year but the new ones are just at nice and the food is 10 times better!!!!!!

We had a small orientation with the students which was similar to what they heard in Bloomington.  We did some other administrative things like make sure they have the names and addresses of the school, their families, our cells, even the Bloomington office on a card that they carry with them at all times.  We gave them some free time to explore Oviedo and then we met back at the school at 7 for an orientation with the host families!  It was great to see the host families again since we didn't get to have much time to talk to them when they picked up the students.  They seem to be enchanted with your kiddos!

Robert took several photos today but I will have to post them sometime tomorrow!

I plan to post as often as I can, but sometimes the day gets away from me.


  1. Thankyou for the updates. It is a wonderful way to KIT and know what the students are doing. How exciting!!

    Jacob's grandmother

  2. We'd like to see photos of each student with their host family.

  3. Thank you so much for posting as you go..This gives us a sense as to how and what they are doing..Glad you all have gone that extra mile to ensure their safety..It would be nice to see them with their host families, if possible. Tyler's Aunt Kiki

  4. Love to follow along, thanks Laura!!

  5. This is great. I look forward to checking the blog, it really helps our family. Thank you