Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rainy Monday

Today it has been cloudy and rainy all day.  We have a full week coming up.  Wednesday, we go to Santa Maria del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo.  Both are 9th century buildings important architecturally and historically to Asturias and the entire Peninsula.   On Friday, we travel north to Gijón.  Gijon is a port city located just a 35 minute train ride north of Oviedo.  This weekend, all of Spain will celebrate the festival of Saint John (Noche de San Juan). It is a combination of what is thought to be an old pagan celebration (Beltane, celebrated May 1st) but celebrated on what is thought to be St. John the Baptist's birthday.  The bonfire tradition came from the pagan festival.  I will post more about these things as they happen.

We divided into groups today for afternoon activities to start to write skits and make some decisions about songs for the final program.  We also started discussing the t-shirt we will design and have printed here in Oviedo.  We had support groups today.  Students wrote 3 goals for the summer and then wrote anonymously a difficulty he/she is having.  Most students in my group said the hardest thing was communication with the family, both understanding them and starting conversations.  This is a normal reaction for the students at this point in the program.  They did agree that things had gotten easier over the first week.

Don't forget to check out Robert's photos if you haven't yet.  Here is the link again.  A big thank you to Robert for taking such lovely pictures.  Photography is one of Robert's passions.We instructors love to get in front of the camera as much as possible as do some of the students! We are lucky to have someone who is willing to put so much effort into something that isn't part of his job description.  Thanks, Robert!


  1. What an amazing experience this week will be! The celebration and everything..I'm excited for them! Yes, we do have to thank Robert for the wonderful pictures..It helps seeing our student every once in a while..(smile) And thanks again Laura, for keeping us in the loop like you have..Great job! Hi Tyler....Aunt Kiki

  2. A new and great cultural experience for all! Jacob's grandmother