Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sta. María del Naranco & Tango

Hello!  We had a wonderful time at Santa Maria del Naranco on Wednesday.  The rain let up a bit at first so we were able to take some great pictures which will post soon.  Today we had sports at the end of the day and almost everyone decided to learn a type of Tango. I took lots of pictures and some video of the tango dancing and of us horsing around at the end of the afternoon!  I am posting a couple of those pictures here.  Robert will post the others on his site.  He has some new pictures loaded under 'Oviedo' and a new folder of optional activities.

Tomorrow we are off to Gijón for the day!  We will take the train there which is only about a 35 minute ride.  Saturday is the Noche de San Juan fiestas all over Spain (and many other places around the world).  A bonfire will be lit at exactly midnight (and yes, there will be tons of people there and even small children at that hour!).  It is said that you can put a paper with bad things that happened to you this year in the fire (before it is lit) to burn them so that you have a good year this coming year.  To see a video of 2010, go to this link.

One of our students, Aamina, is writing for the IUHPFL blog in Spanish which is a separate link.

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  1. What an awesome experience for the students! So grateful for the pic's that you all share..Thank you Laura!....Tyler's Aunt Kiki