Saturday, June 23, 2012


Our trip to Gijón was a blast!  We went to the roman baths, the aquarium, a small hill overlooking the city that was once used for battle where a giant, 500 ton sculpture sits and the beach.  The students sat watching sharks being fed for 30 minutes in silence.  I had forgotten how relaxing it can be to stare at fish.  The weather cooperated for the most part.  It was cloudy at the end of the day.  The water was freezing, but most students entered for a bit anyway!

Robert has added the pictures from Santa Maria del Naranco (under the Oviedo folder), Tango dancing (apologies, I took the pictures with my camera because Robert was instructing the dances), and some videos from the trip to Gijón.

Below are some pictures from the trip to Santa Maria del Naranco.

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  1. Awesome! The Roman Baths and everything! By the looks on their faces, they were really enjoying themselves, and Tyler's in the front of the pic too!..(smile) Thank you again Laura for sharing..Your doing an amazing job!..Hi Tyler..LOL Aunt Kiki