Thursday, June 14, 2012

First week of classes

Today we finished with our first week of classes.  It seems like the students are getting accustomed to the pace of the classes and what is expected of them!  They have been asking tons of questions.  Today we continued working on a mix of talents the students will do in front of the parents for the farewell program.  We have been begging them to be patient with the creative process of trying to decide what is best!  We also began practicing the Hymn of Asturias which the students will perform for the final program.  It always brings the host mothers to tears!  We also started the phonetics class today!  This is a new topic for the students.  Some were a bit overwhelmed at first, but I know they want to learn the correct pronunciation to not sound so 'American'.

Tomorrow we have our first excursion to the Picos de Europa to see beautiful lakes left by glaciers if the weather permits, Covadonga (the site considered the origin of the Reconquista), and Cangas de Onis (the town where the Battle of Covadonga was planned).  I told the students today that there is a fountain in Covadonga with a legend that says if someone who is single drinks out of all 7 spigots with out breathing, they will be married with in a year!  None of them seemed to interested in that.

Don't forget to check Robert's site (link is both above and below!).  He has uploaded more pictures and at least one video that I saw.

Here is a picture of everyone from our rainy tour around Oviedo earlier in the week.  We are in front of the main cathedral in Oviedo.

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