Sunday, June 10, 2012

In Oviedo!!

Our travel went very smoothly yesterday.  Our bus was waiting for us when we arrived to Madrid.  We had a 5-hour bus ride with a stop for lunch (it will be interesting for you to hear about your student´s very first impression of Spain.  Imagine road-side truck-stop restaurants in the US and you will have an idea. Of course, the bread is still delicious even at such a place!).  We passed through the Cantabrian Mountains and right by the Picos de Europa which we will visit on a later excursion!  The host families met us and Marivi (on-site coordinator) matched the families with the students.  

In the third picture, you can see the mountains we have the fortune of seeing every single day!  In the last couple of photos, you can see some of the host families.  The second-to-last is the Maria, host mother of the students living with the two families on the organic farm, (Anna Schilling, Emily Warshauer, Conrad Ault).

Students have the weekend with their host families and we will see them bright and early (10:30!) Monday morning.  Their host families will bring them to school the first morning.  They will take an exam for which they are NOT to study that they will retake at the end of the summer to show their progress.  Then we will eat lunch and take a tour of the city.  They will have some free time around the city and then their families will come to the school for their orientation where we will review the Honor Code and the expectations of the students and the parents.  Tuesday begins the regular class schedule!


  1. Thanks for posting news and pictures so quickly!

  2. "Hello" Jacob and to all... I am glad all went smoothly on your arrival to Spain! I am excited abt this blog and I will be checking daily to read and see abt your experiences! Have a wonderful and safe cultural experience! Jacob's grandmother..."Nana"

  3. So glad all went smoothly Tyler and student's. I will follow this blog daily to watch the progression of your amazing once in a lifetime adventure. Soak it all in, we are so proud of you and all of the students!...Kiki