Thursday, July 12, 2012


On July 1, the Rebajas started (sales in all the stores)!  We have been having fashion shows each day this week to show off what students have purchased.  Other than that, we have had a regular schedule with classes and rehearsals for the farewell show for the families.  I can't publish the secrets of what we will be doing because I am sure there are some host families reading this!  Saturday is the canoe trip.  The weather has improved a bit today.  We even saw the outline of the sun through the clouds.  On Saturday, it looks like we will have decent weather for the canoe trip!  Below are some photos of the fashion models.  Robert has many more on his blog.

Giselle is showing us how American models always pout because when we speak English, we talk with our mouths closed.  We try to teach the students to speak with a lot of movement of the jaw and mouth to have better pronunciation in Spanish!

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  1. How cool, a canoe trip! So glad the weather is letting you all explore outside. The fashion show was great! Love Tyler in that shirt! Have an amazing week-end and thanks again Laura!..
    Tyler's Aunt Kiki