Saturday, July 21, 2012

Final week

Saturday the students went on the canoe trip!  I have attached some pictures and there are more on Robert's site!

We had a packed week this week as you can probably tell from my lack of posts!  We wrapped up classes and the students took the same test they took at the beginning of the summer so they can measure how much they have learned.  We rehearsed the farewell show for hours and hours this week, too!

Thursday night was an optional excursion to the organic farm and house of one of the host families.  I am sure Robert will post pictures at some point!  Tonight was the farewell show.  The students did a great job and there were lots of tears!  The students will be with their host families all day tomorrow and we leave early morning on Sunday.

We will drive to Madrid and then go the Prado museum and see a bit of the city.  The next day we will spend in Salamanca seeing the university (founded in 1124) and some other sites.  If I can't find an internet cafe in Madrid, this might be my last post!

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